About Us

Horizonte Secular Luxury Real State is a real estate developer that was created in 2018, in the city of Braga.

Belonging to the Signinum 'family' , it was born with the aim of bringing the memories of heritage to the real estate market, with all the comfort, through high levels of quality and the latest technology.

Working on the most emblematic historic buildings, transforming them into your home, is what drives us.



We believe that heritage with history can coexist with contemporary and technologically innovative solutions, so we want to rehabilitate or invest in emblematic buildings , add value to them with modern materials and equipment, so that new families can inhabit them, maintaining the life and legacy of the space with the amenities and security that the current times demand.



Horizonte Secular is guided by a conduct of transparency, rigor, ethics, commitment, honesty and high quality standards, with a keen sense of protection for the heritage that comes into our hands.



Our mission is to offer a menu of exceptional historical properties, capable of responding to a demanding public, who are looking for something differentiating in the market. We want to offer a personalized service, but also efficient, respecting our values.

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